Staying creative has always been essential to my videography mindset. Since young, I had been visually stunned by the time-lapse videos of the Las Vegas taken by professionals, but I have always felt that something was incomplete about these existing works. It was only when I visited Las Vegas that I realized the city changes its face ultimately when the sun sets. Night-time turns the strip into a majestic image that starkly contrasts the day, and this intrigued me to combine both faces to paint a novel image of the city in a personal project I titled “Wake Up Vegas”. There were numerous technical hardships in producing the video. For one, in order to portray contrast and reveal how lights act as a mask of transformation, I decided to record footage of the city from the same angle at different times of the day. This process made video aligning difficult and required that I pre-plan a shooting schedule from select locations across the city. The second challenge was pairing music. I was looking for a song with three aspects: a strong start, a fast pace, and heavy beats. Even after the grinding process of narrowing from thousands of songs, the editing part still required, I convey a good sense of rhythm.