My work explored how the Spiderman ran out of the shadow of Iron man's expectation and became a real superhero. I was inspired to excavate and recreate this story after I was reading Avengers Assemble! Critical. Tony Stark wanted Petter Paker to take his legacy as what his father does. It describes Tony Stark's father, Howard Stark as "the man he had always thought had no real feelings for him but who he now sees telling him: 'What is and always be my greatest creation…is you.'" In the newest Spiderman movie, ever since Iron man sacrificed in the End Game, Spiderman has been depressing because he got so much burden as a successor. To illustrate how Spiderman transit from sad mood to power mood, I made the single light source faced the object to create the shadow on the wall. The shadow not only created the Iron man shape on the wall, but it also implicated the mental activity of the Spiderman. I used red color as the only color in the shot to emphasize the tone like the movie "Schindler's List." The Spiderman somehow found that the Iron man is leading him as a guiding light to a bright future. Finally, the Spiderman grew to be a superhero by carrying the Iron man's legacy.

               I learned from McNair Evans' work "Crescent 13001" and used hard light to shot the series of scenes. I am enchanted by McNair's hard light control and the way he portrays passengers in "Crescent 13001" which is from McNair Evans' latest project "In Search of Great Men." This project explores how Amtrak shapes the American railway culture as a skeleton of travelers service, which played an essential role in contemporary America. "Crescent" used hard sunlight to illuminate a breakfast conversation. It created a spotlight look for the audience to concentrate on the central part of the image. Evans' work was considered "most recognized for a distinct and metaphoric use of light" instead of manipulating the soft light.