Landing Page Redesign


Redesign for the Airnect landing page


Platform redesign


Proposed and led the project. Prototyped and worked with designers for formatting.


3 weeks




Airnect is a midterm housing rental platform that was built in Nov 2019.


You may ask, “What exactly is midterm?” We define midterm rentals as 2 weeks to 6 months. 


In the first 2 months, Airnect moved very fast in the market and focused on growth-hacking. We reached out to every single of our hosts and got them on board. Meanwhile, guests were popping on our platform to find their future space. Since we had so much work on marketing and the engineers were improving the platform features, we didn’t really have an excellent interface for Airnect. Therefore, organic users got tons of questions because there wasn’t enough info on the landing page. At that moment, I thought it’s time to propose this Airnect landing page rebuild project.

The right side was the interface that we had before this project. We gonna change that.

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 2.49.40 PM.jpg

Quick guide

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Note: This project doesn't involve data, pictures that are confidential for the company. I am not allowed to share data, screenshot, or any other material that aren’t public for users. To present the old version of the platform, I will use words like “a few,” “a lot,” etc., to describe data. I am allowed to draw rough graphics for the before-change product.


User Feedback

One of my roles was to collect feedback, analyze and extract useful information, and share it at the weekly marketing meeting.

In our social media communities, we were getting a lot of questions and feedback for Airnect. These questions and concerns include:


Sally: ”Does Airnect charge a service fee? Airbnb does have that fee.”

Grace: ”What is the midterm rental? How do you define ‘midterm?’”


Andy: ”What’s the difference between Airnect and Airbnb? Are those housing furnished?”

Bunny: “I want to list my space on Airnect. What should I do?”


Answering those questions became inefficient at that time. My intention to rebuild Airnect’s landing page was to solve users’ concerns, but there wasn’t ample space to answer them. I also want to showcase the advantages of Airnect compared to other platforms. Therefore, we can get to the next stage - research.



The research contains 3 questions.

Is this project viable? How do other platforms do? What are our advantages?



This blocker is very realistic. A new page design takes a lot of time. Given our product team was extremely busy, I need a persuasive reason to spend time on the new page design and development.

Here was how I eliminate the concern of the product team.

  1. We had about 2000 housing listings and thousands of users. Since we were building our product influence, we will need a new face (landing page) for Airnect.

  2. From the “Feedback” section, we knew that as the user volume increased rapidly, there should be some “automation” for the common questions. “automation” means users can read through the landing page to solve some of their concerns.

  3. The development of the platform became stable. There wasn’t too much new feature we need to add on the website. At that moment, spending time on the landing page will pay us back a lot.

  4. I had researched the current market and able to provide materials that we need for selections, which I will show in the next section. This saved us plenty of time.

​The rough timeline helps you to understand what stage we were in

progress bar.png

​Launch the platform

Growth-hacking (gain users)

Feature development


​This is where we at


Competitive analysis

“Midterm rental” is a new concept, but there were some websites that have the same idea as us. By learning how they did on marketing advertising, we will be able to get 3 things.


What are the advantages they have?

How do they design?

What do they think is essential to put on the top of the page.

Here are 5 websites we targeted:

5 competitors.png

9700+ Furnished Apartments

Temporary Housing

Fully Furnished Apartments for Rent

Furnished Apartments for Rent

9700+ Furnished Apartments

Since we want to see the overall pictures of the market, we don’t have to dig too deep for a single website. I conclude useful samples by sections. 

Banner: usually put a slogan and a search bar


Feature: put 3 or 4 core features in a section


Value: calculate a value that tempts consumers


How it works: a graphic that shows the whole booking procedure


Customer service: a way to connect with consumers, usually by email.



Our advantages

After the “what they have” research, let’s get to the “what we have” section.

Here are the advantages that I concluded.


1. Fully Furnished (no need to worry about furniture)

2. Flexible Rental (perfect for companies/interns)

3. Verified Users (we are creating a trustworthy community)

4. Professional customer service (fast reply)

5. Safe Payment (we guarantee every transaction)

6. Spend less, save more (save up to 40% compared to other short term rental options)

The marketing team will choose 3 of them and rephrase them.


Working process

The project was totally viable, and I worked with the product team for the remaining process.

First of all, I have confirmed the sections we need and draw a wireframe for the landing page. Then the marketing director worked with me to revise the copies on the page.

After that, the designer and the engineer will do the magic to format, code, and make the page live.


There will be 8 sections on the landing page.


New Design

This is it! Click the picture below to see the live site!