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It's the time to chase my dream.

It's the time that you get to know me.

It's the time to go home.

Follow me on my journey.

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People around me get used to calling me 

a photographer, or videographer. 

I think I am more than that.

I not just take photos and videos. I create

something new and something cool. I try to make contents that have social influence.

I am more than what you know.

Cameras? Lenses?

They are not only the tools that draw my thoughts.

They are my buddies

What is my dream?

Let me show you through my portfolio.


Let's get started with the inspiration part. It's simple. Apple presents the world's best advertising creativity. I have so many thoughts in my mine to show Apple products in ads. Therefore, I create some photos and videos to tribute those products that I love.

On October 13, 2020, Apple announced its new iPhones. The revolutionary improvement made iPhone the best phone camera in the world again. Apple also released an update for creators who want to have more control over photos - Apple ProRAW. Is that enough for us? Should the stock camera app give us more professional settings? What can the app improve? (This is also a UX designer portfolio)

Pro mode


Mark-Zeng- Travel 2.jpg

Check the project

We Create


We all know iPhone has impressive cameras. But it has its limitation due to the small sensor.
My question is, what's the limitation of the cameras? What is the worst condition could iPhone handles? So I gather my friends to help me out with this extreme low-light testing. My goal is to deceive people's eyes and let them think those photos come from a professional camera.


Watch the film

Airpods Pro

With Music

One of my favorite Apple products. It increases usability significantly while I am going out. Active the noise cancellation mode, and get in the world of music. In this section, I want the earphones to dance with music.


Watch the video and photos

Apple Pencil

After I purchased a new iPad Pro, I was thinking of getting an Apple Pencil. Then I to engrave something on my Apple Pencil. It does not support "Think Differently" because there are too many characters. "Think Different" is the longest available word it supports. Do you think that's a coincidence? Nope, I don't think so.


Watch the video

About my dream?

Let's get back to my childhood time. 

When I was very little, my dream was to be a scientist. I intended to invent new things and create cool stuff. 

Throwback to my middle school life, iPhone(1st gen) came out. I was actually an Apple hater. I didn't understand why Apple made such a specious phone. Put a fancy browser and photo gallery into a phone? That didn't make any sense to me. I thought that my Nokia did just fine until I saw my friend sliding on the music album, driving on the phone (racing game), or even zooming in the photo with two fingers. 

That's... mind-blowing. Then I begged my grandpa to get me an iPod Touch 3rd. With my first ever iPod Touch, I explore the full potential of it, even Jailbreak. 

Well, then I realize that Apple products are the ones that I want to invent and produce when I was a kid.

All right, let's pause here and get into the next chapter:


As a creator, my brain always pops-up new ideas. Fortunately, I know how to shot/edit photos and videos. With those skills, I am able to express my mind.


For the first time, UC Berkeley had moved its graduation ceremony online with Minecraft. I collaborated with awesome people created this amazing trailer for not only UC Berkeley student, but also people who need hope. The video has a total of more than 10K views and I think it made a wonderful social impact. Check my story below.

Commencement of 2020

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 1.15.50 PM.png

Watch the video

Wake up!

​Las Vegas

Since young, I had been visually stunned by the time-lapse videos of Las Vegas taken by professionals, but I have always felt that something was incomplete about these existing works. It was only when I visited Las Vegas that I realized the city changes its face ultimately when the sunsets. Well, how about I put day and night together. This way, you can see how Vegas wears her mask at night.

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 1.29.06 PM.png

Watch the video

Life is sweet, and struggle

Apple gave me a lot. I spent plenty of time studying Apple products. When I was in high school. I check Apple products news and price every single day. Back in 2014, it was my first year in the U.S. I went to a mall at 12 AM just for the iPhone 6 Plus. 


I often use Apple products to complete tasks that other people won't. I remember the first time I used Macbook Pro to replace the old Windows laptop. And the Final Cut Pro made the entire flow way easier than before. During my intern with Ivy Edu, I even used my iPhone on a business trip for an emergency video-editing job.


There is one more thing that made a huge impact. In 2010, my high school held a winter camp in the U.S. While most of the students bought a "calling card" to call their parent, I have my iPod Touch with Skype. Also, I purchased a plan of 10000mins for global calls. On Chinese New Year's Eve, for some reason, all calling cards were not working and the wifi service was charging for $50/hr. Students were anxious because they couldn't call their parents. But I went out and found a free wifi connection so that I can call anyone in China. This night, I saved the whole camp. One thing I remember, the line was long.


I had my college life in America during 2015-2019. Most of the time, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for my career. My friends asked me would I do photography or videography as my job? At the very beginning, I said no. Because I thought that’s what I love, I afraid that if I do this for living, I will start to get tired. After a year of working with Finpeak. I realized: yeah, That's what I love! That wasn't just my love, that's my life.


Okay, enough talk here, let get to the next chapter: innovation


Think outside the box. I like to find new ideas for problems. And I have my way to showcase the solutions. 

Airbnb Luxe

Realizing that Airbnb luxe exists in Los Angeles but not San Francisco, and failing to find advertising regarding luxe in the Bay Area, I saw this information gap as my chance to explore the possibilities of luxe in San Francisco. No video, no problem. I can make one. I also wanted to beat the Airbnb Plus photographer. No offense, I just try to do things in my way.


Watch the video

and see how do I beat

the Airbnb Plus photographer

The Iron


My work explored how Spiderman ran out of the shadow of Iron man's expectation and became a real superhero. Speaking of shadow, I decided to use shadow to show the whole story. 


Check the photos

My dream, my home

In Spring festival 2012 when I was in high school. I wanted to get a brand new iPhone 4s, but my parents wouldn’t allow me. But I wanted to get it so much so I had my lucky money ready and agreed to deal with someone who was willing to sell one for only $400.


It was a fraud.


I learned my lesson at that time. Months later, my parents got me my first ever iPhone.


iPhone 5, I would say, gorgeous. I always held it in my hand and looked at it. People asked often, why I don’t have a screen cover and case on my phone.


The answer is simple, I don’t want to ruin the industrial design.

Now, let me get back to my dream. There is a saying: People grow up and spend the whole life working, sometimes it’s just for their childhood dream.


For me, Apple is like space where I can fly my mind and create cool things. If I can go to Apple Park, that feels like going home.

Locations copy.png

Hey, Apple.

Hey, Cupertino.

Hey, Apple Park.

I am coming home.

Shot on iPhone

My workflow

and device set up

A photographer always needs a high efficient workflow.

Besides, keeping files safe and organized is also important. 

Here is how I achieve that.

Workflow and device set up

1. A high power thunderbolt hub is the heart of my system

2. When I get home, I use only one Thunderbolt 3 cable to connect the hub and the laptop

3. Hard drives, SD card, and the monitor all connects my laptop though the hub

4. I use Raid 1 on the NAS to keep files safe. If any of the constituent drives fails, the other one still alive

5. I sorting my files by [device name] - [Date, content name] - [raw/jpeg]

6. When I am traveling, I normally save my files on a portable hard drive, iPad, and NAS if possible

7. When I deliver photos to my clients, I upload them on Google drive. This is one more way to back up data

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