C-Pay For Airnect

Housing rental platform redesign/optimization project


Platform optimization


Proposed and led the project. Managed to change the user flow and revise copies. Worked with a designer and an engineer for UI redesign and formatting.


3 weeks




During the time with Finpeak, Inc, we have built a rental platform, Airnect, which mainly targets users who need monthly rental housing like professionals, traveling nurses, and students. We define monthly rental as 2 weeks to 6 months.


With our growth strategy, the volume of users increased significantly. But multiple blockers stopped the platform from generating more transactions.I proposed a    “C-Pay project” that is a series of changes that let users believe our website is trustworthy. I led this platform-reinforcement project and made Airnect.com more complete.


Note: This project doesn't involve data, pictures that are confidential for the company. I am not allowed to share data, screenshot, or any other material that aren’t public for users. To present the old version of the platform, I will use words like “a few,” “a lot,” etc., to describe data. I am allowed to draw low-fed graphics for the before-change product.



While Airnect was running, we notice there weren’t a lot of transactions or booking requests, even we have a lot of new users every day. Prior we have enough housing supply in the San Francisco Bay area, as our experience, hosts are more active and eager to rent out their rooms. We thought that the problem could occur on the guest side. Please follow me along with the problem-solving process.


Original User Flow

Before we get to anything, this was the old wireframe of how Airnect works for guests. I drew a low-fed desktop flow below.

To detail page




User flow (funnel)

Using the Google Analytics tool, we can use the “Users Flow” to see a rough user funnel, which tells us where most guests click and leave.


As we can see in graph 1, guest dropped a lot on the “Requesting page” and bounced between the “Requesting page” and “Detail page.” We may need to make this user flow better. It seems guests were afraid of clicking the “Send a request” button because they have no idea what will happen next.

Listing page

Requesting page

Detail page

A lot of users dropped off

from the requesting page

Guest bounced

in between

Landing page

User volume



Graph 1


Respond Rate

We have calculated the response rate of guests replying to the host’s offers. We found that a majority of guests didn’t respond to hosts, especially when a host send an "offer card."

Note: The chart doesn't reflect the precise data


No response

Graph 2


Guest Survey

We have collected 30+ guests survey. More than half of the guests felt uncomfortable when they see the “Offer,” especially when they don’t know the host. A few guests felt confused about how Airnect works.


Key Insights

The research may show that guests from our platform couldn’t trust our chatting and payment system. Since we were a new website in the rental business, it’s is necessary for us to lead guests and make the whole flow smoother.


From Google Analytics, we know that the user flow for guests is not very friendly and easy to use. Guests may need more information and education to eliminate their concerns for not only the platform but also hosts.         


We noticed that the response rate of guests is low. Our "offer card" may seem a bit too aggressive. Although low response rate is a common problem for guests on any rental platform, even in Airbnb, we still want to make the chatting better. We consider an option of make the chatting process more reliable. The more we can reassure concerns for guest, the more confidence guests will be.         


Guests want to know a bit more about their hosts. Since we don’t share any personal information with anyone, we will need to do something else.


Solutions/Action items


Optimize the user flow

I believe guests will need fewer steps to get into listing details. Besides, guest education should be taken place right after they sign up for an account.

Action 1: Merge the requesting page and the detail page, put the "Send a request" button at the bottom of the detail page and make it stay.

Action 2: Add a 3 steps "How it works" note. After a guest sign up, the note pops up.

Me and my manage wrote the copy together for these 3 steps. The note will help and educate guests about what will happen in the upcoming sections.

The 3 steps will be:

Step 1: Request.

Choose your desired place

and chat with host, no payment


Step 2: Chat.

Negotiate over the price and reach an agreement.

Step 3: Pay.

Pay on Airnect. Your payment is protected by us.

New look:


Revise the system message

In the chatting page, we want to put more annotations for users’ concerns and solve them immediately, such as deposits or payments. The system message will be changed on both guest side and host side.

The original system message only had message like:




The messages above seem not that friendly. I wrote more annotations for some of the FAQ we had. We want to show our consideration for guests. Here was what we added.

New look:

We also added clickable highlight messages like"See how the deposit works" to guide guests for more details. In those ways, we believe guests can understand more of our safety solutions. Our goal was to make guests feel confidence and know that the platform will protect their assets.

See more message copy sample

When conversation starts

"To avoid fraud, we recommended collecting fees through the Airnect website or app."

"To protect your payment, we recommended collecting fees through the Airnect website or app."

"Airnect will never share your personal information, including password, email, and phone number. Please don’t share your password with anyone."

When "Offer" kicks in

"Notice that the host won’t receive the payment until you check in successfully."

"See how the deposit works."

"Host will not receive the payment until you check in successfully."

When a guest send the payment

"The deposit will be returned on the second day after check-out if there’s no extreme circumstance (e.g. cancellation during the stay, severe house damage etc)."

"The payment will be held by Airnect until guest successfully checks in."


Verification badges

We put those 3 badges in the chatting page and the host profile page. Here are the samples.

This way, both hosts and guests can check verifications that they have. There are 3 verification badges that a user can have - Phone, Email, and ID. Users have changes to verify all of them to make their profile more trustworthy.

New look:


Final Result

After the changes we made, Airnect became more reliable. User education on the platform is way better than before. Here is the new look of Airnect.

New product flow

You can also experience the guest flow with interaction. Click the image to see the site.