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My workflow and device set up

A photographer always needs a high efficient workflow.

Besides, keeping files safe and organized is also important. 

Here is how I achieve that.

Workflow and device set up

1. A high power thunderbolt hub is the heart of my system

2. When I get home, I use only one Thunderbolt 3 cable to connect the hub and the laptop

3. Hard drives, SD card, and the monitor all connects my laptop though the hub

4. I use Raid 1 on the NAS to keep files safe. If any of the constituent drives fails, the other one still alive

5. I sorting my files by [device name] - [Date, content name] - [raw/jpeg]

6. When I am traveling, I normally save my files on a portable hard drive, iPad, and NAS if possible

7. When I deliver photos to my clients, I upload them on Google drive. This is one more way to back up data