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About me


Who am I


Hi, I am Mark Zeng.

I am a photographer currently studying at UC Berkeley.



Why do I shoot

The official reason I am bad at drawing and painting so I would rather take photos instead of picking up pens.


The real reason I love to keep every moment no matter happy or sad... Even the ugly faces of my friends


What does photography mean to me?

I can always find beautiful angles and light.

I feel like I have digital sensors in my eyes, but mine are high resolution and high dynamic range, which is way better than the one in camera. The thing is I still need my cameras to keep digital copies for me. 

At the very beginning, I thought that the highest goal of the camera is to replica exactly what we see.

Then I found out cameras are showing things beyond reality. 


BTW I love chasing squirrels so much🐿



Please come with me and make this world surreal.